About Me

I'm a Frontend Software Engineer who strives to build dynamic apps and websites with my natural talent for organization and love of utilizing creative ideas. I love to organize projects step by step, implementing tests and guidelines to avoid errors or minimize debugging issues, and following through to completion with collaborative ideas. Experienced working collaboratively with team members within Engineering and outside of the Engineering department. Known among coworkers for: having an attention to detail, working well with everyone, and having a willingness to learn from others to produce and provide an excellent finished product.

I'm a creative with several different medias, a TV/Movie afficianatto, and a video game player with a love for animals. I enjoy trying new foods and traveling with friends when im not learning a new technology or craft to make something new.


At a young age I had a great affinity for computers and video games, which evolved into building basic guild pages and a small forum page with a borrowed Oracle book of HTML. Eventually I formally learned a bit of javascript in High School and enjoyed making very simple programs, but ultimately focused more on the sciences.I graduated from Baylor University in 2013 with a degree in Biology focusing on Pre-Medicine, and a minor in Forensic Science.

Since then I have worked in two different labs for two different biotechnology companies located in Texas. I excelled at learning new laboratory techniques and using different machines and software to process data from testing of biological products. I had the oportunity to volunteer to be a part of a small group at my current company, tasked with digitizing the location with helpful and needed technological tools.

While working as a scientist I attended and graduated from the University of Texas's 6 month long Full Stack Web Development coding bootcamp. From here I found a greater passion for coding and building usable and responsive websites and programs.I was able to utilize my new skills to create Electronic Batch Records to collect information from lab personel during the build process of a product and storing this data in a local database. Together with a few other coworkers, we have also been working on creating a local database for our records, and organizing a company sponsored hackathon at our site location.

A short time after Covid-19 started to affect the US I transitioned to my new company F1 Payments as a Frontend Software Engineer full time. As one of three Frontend developers I was tasked with helping to create new features for our customer facing site that allowed merchants to manage their business transactions all on one platform. In addition, I was involved in creating an internal CRM for our company to be utilized by most every department (HR, IT, Compliance, Sales, Finance, Operations, etc.) and integrating our partnering banks and processors into our software for ease of use within our company. While working for F1 I was able to learn about design, and had the opportunity to design a few features implemented within our CRM. I also had experience being on call for a week at a time to respond to AWS alerts from our production site and actively troubleshoot, and sometimes create the solution if it was a frontend issue.


Current and previous work

F1 Payments. We strive to exceed the standard in payments so your business can thrive.

Shindig. An app targeted to empower individuals to create, plan, and execute any event type, at any size.